Casino Games in India

Casino Games in India

Like in many countries people in India also like gambling and no matter how odd it may sound, casino games are quite popular in this country. There are both online and offline casinos and as casinos are legal only in three Indian states, you can find physical establishments only in those states – Goa, Sikkim and Daman. By the way, offline casinos in India are of two types:

1.  Floating – based in ships on water;

2.  Land-based – built on land and situated in the three states mentioned above. The most popular land-based casinos in India are the following – Casino Paradise, Casino Palms, Big Daddy Casino, etc.

Despite the existence of physical casinos in India, online casinos have gained more popularity in the country. But what is the reason of the increasing popularity in online gambling?

First, despite the land-based casinos, online casinos in India are not well regulated by the Government. There are no federal laws on online casinos in India (gambling is regulated by the Public Gaming Act of 1867, which, however, does not refer to online gambling at all) and it is up to the Indian states to decide if they want to allow online gambling or not. So far very few states have prohibited online casinos, so in most parts of the country everyone wishing to play is free to do so, they just need to search and find a wide range of Indian gambling sites.

Second, playing online casinos is very convenient. You can do it from wherever you want, the only thing you need is a good internet connection.

Third, online casino websites do not let their visitors get bored, as they always offer new gambling and betting games to play.

Fourth, it is well-known that India has the second-highest number of internet users in the world. As of January 2022, it has 760 million users, which according to predictions will reach 900 million by 2025. Thus, online casinos have not lost their opportunity to create mobile apps, making online casinos even more convenient.

Fifth, with online casinos it is easy to pay. There are several options for payment, so you choose the one that is the most convenient for you. Besides, online payment is more secure and the players do not have to worry that their money will be stolen, as it sometimes happens in land-based casinos. 

Best Online Casinos and Popular Casino Games in India

Thus, what are the top online casinos in India? According to different rankings, the following three online casinos can be found among the best online casinos with real money in India. You can also read our top casinos in Casino Reviews.

1.  RajBet Casino

This Casino has more than 2000 games to play, a live casino and lots of bonuses.

2.  ZetCasino

This casino has more than 1800 slot games, about 200 live games and deposit bonuses.

3.  Casino Genesis

This casino has more than 1300 games, around 40 live casino games and live bonuses.


Roulette with a ball into the spinning roulette wheel is very easy to play. The players bet on colours (black or red) or on numbers. Of course, the players need to have chips to bet – make inside bets or outside bets. Inside bets are the ones that are made on numbers inside the table and outside bets are made on the edges of the table.

This casino game is one of the most favourite ones among Indians, especially for those who love chance games. Recently, online roulette has gained more popularity in India, as it is cheaper to play and you can gain quite well experience before attending land-based casinos. It is interesting that Indian online casinos offer roulette both for real money and with its demo version, which gives an opportunity to play without investing money and at the same time to get acquainted with the game and gain experience.

During the course of time, different versions of roulette have been developed. The most popular ones among Indians are American, European and French roulette. The difference between these types of roulettes is not much, but there are certain rules that vary from each other. In addition, the wheels of American and European roulette are different.

The most popular online roulette casinos in India are the following: Spin Casino, Bet Winner, Casino Days, Pure Win, etc. 


Another favourite casino game in India is blackjack. This game is also called 21, as the player needs to draw cards the value of which is near 21 but does not exceed it. It is interesting that blackjack players do not play against each other, they play against the dealer.

Online casinos in India provide different types of online blackjack games. The most popular ones are American, European Blackjack, and Live Speed Blackjack. Again, like in Roulette, these types have slight differences in rules. It is noteworthy that real-money online blackjack games in India offer many bonuses – welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, etc.

Among the best online casinos offering Blackjack are Parimatch, Betway, 4rabet, Cricbaba, etc.

Jackpot games

Jackpot games are also quite popular in India, as they give an opportunity to win big money with small stakes. There are progressive and static Jackpot games. A progressive Jackpot is one that grows while the players are playing. During the standard Jackpot, the jackpot sums do not grow.

Online Jackpots, also called Jackpot slots have gained popularity in India. Among the best Jackpot games played in India are Joker Millions, Major Millions, Piggy Bank, etc.

The best online Jackpot casinos in India are Glassi Casino, Bons Casino, Pure Win, Genesis Casino, etc.

Indian Rummy

Indian Rummy is a well-known card game in India and its rules vary little from the original Rummy. Indian Rummy can be played between two to six people; each player starts with 13 cards with which the player needs to make sequences. Indian Rummy has three sub-types: Points Rummy, Pool Rummy and Deals Rummy. Among these three types, Points Rummy is the most favourite one among Indians as it is fast-paced and easy to play.

Indian Rummy is not a chance game, it rather requires skill and that’s why online platforms not only provide an opportunity to choose and play any type of Rummy but also organize tournaments, which are quite popular.

The most popular online casinos in India that offer Indian Rummy with real money are the following: PlayRummy, Rummy Culture, Rummy Time, Classic Rummy, etc.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti which is also known as Indian Flush (In South India, it is known as teen pathi or 3 pathi) is played with a deck of cards and the winner needs to have the highest-ranking combination with only three cards dealt. This is a traditional game in India and is played not only in casinos for real money but also with family and friends.

There are different variations of the Indian Flush games with small modifications in the rules of the game. The most popular ones are Best-of-four, Lowball, Wild Draw, Stud, Community, etc.

Many online casinos offer different variations of Indian Teen Patti: Fun88, PureWin, Casino Planet, Swift Casino, etc.

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar, like Indian Flush, is an Indian traditional card game. It originated in the Indian Karnataka state and is played not only in casinos but also during celebrations or family holidays. This is a 50/50 luck game and easy to play – you bet on Andar (left spot on the table) and if the cards appear in Bahar (right spot on the table), then you lose.

Like Indian Teen Patti, Andar Bahar also has different variations and many online casinos in India offer all the variations of this game – Katti, Speed Andar Bahar, Live Andar Bahar with a dealer, etc.

The most popular online casinos offering Andar Bahar and its variations are – Genisis Casino, Casino Planet, Casino Days, Blue Chip, etc.



Thus, as we see, Indians are great lovers of casino games. They do not only play the world-wide known games but also have their own ones. And if previously they had to go to land-based casinos to play their favourite games and win money, now the internet has opened great opportunities for casino lovers – online casinos, which offer not only different games and their variations, but also many bonuses, as well as live games.As mentioned earlier, according to the Indian Government, there are 760 million Internet users in the country, of which 365 million users play online casino games. It is noteworthy that 62.1% of online casino players come from 6 major cities of India – Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Another interesting fact is that 80% of Indians gamble at least once a year, making the online casino gaming sector the fastest-growing segment within the media and entertainment sector – 30% growth annually. And the representatives of this sector do not spare efforts to make online gambling more convenient, innovative and attractive creating also casino apps with super graphics, audio, which are easy to use.